Our Instructors


Mr. Marc – Co-Owner

Marc Canonizado is known for his work on Step Up Revolution (2012), Dr0ne (2012) and Dystopia(2013).  View his complete list of work on IMDB.com or download Marc Canonizado’s Stunt Resume.



Mr. William – Co-Owner

Mr. William Canonizado was born in the Philippines with Japanese/Filipino and Spanish decent.  While growing up in Manila, he took an interest in mastering the art of Tae Kwon Do and obtained his Black Belt at age 16.   He later trained with Philippine Tae Kwon Do Association in Manila and traveled to Korea and competed in a South East Asian competition.

Mr. William moved to the United States at the age of 18.  He then went to college and obtained a Pre-Med degree in New York.  Due to personal family reasons, he was unable to finish med school; however, finished his Nursing Degree.  Mr. William is currently a licensed Critical Care RN with extensive experience in Nutrition and Physical Training.

Mr. William decided to open up his Martial Arts school when his son, Marc, started competing nationally.  He wanted Marc to have a place where he can train and teach other martial artists who want to excel, especially in competition.

Mr. William has trained some of the well-known National and World Champion Martial Artists in the United States.  To name a few, he has trained: Marc Canonizado, Sammy Vasques, Tiffany Larsen, Steven So and World Champions Haley Glass and Chase Chavez.  Perhaps you, or your children, are next on the list!

Mr. Hakim Walker – Head Instructor & Manager

Mr. Hakim Walker has been training in martial arts for over 35 years. I love the benefits of what I’m doing. It’s not about the kicking and punching as it is the life skills that you learn along with the understanding of how to be someone that can be a positive role model. I’ve acquired two black belts and 9 world titles over the course of my career. I enjoy sharing my experience with those who appreciate the passion and insight that I bring with all my years of experience. I have over 25 years teaching experience. I enjoy working with kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds. I bring to the table a very easy going and approachable skill set that allows me to work with each child’s individual ability and identify with each child so that I can get them to perform at the highest level and be the best they can be for themselves. I will do my best to ensure that I provide a good example for those I work with and help them to grow and become leaders in society.

Mr. Carlos – Instructor

Mr. Carlos Forestier has 20 years of experience in Martial Arts.  He became Florida State Champion in forms and fighting in 1996; by 1997, he won the Florida State Triple Crown Championship by winning in weapon, forms and fighting.

In 2002, Mr. Carlos began teaching young Martial Art students.  His goal is to open their minds through creatively using music to enhance their technical skills and provide direction on using proper technique.

Ms. Jazmyn Friedman – Instructor

Ms. Jazmyn Friedman is 21 years old. She is a World Champion and world class instructor in Martial Arts. Her parents decided to put her in martial arts at the age of 8, where she has expanded her knowledge under her instructors Shihan Reggie Walden, Renshi John Garcia, and Sensei Robyn LeBuffe, and World Champion Justin Ortiz. She received her junior black belt on February, 5th 2011 under John Garcia in the Rullan GoJu Ryu System. She received her 2nd degree black belt under the World Tiger & Crane GoJu Ryu Organization under Hanshi Arturo Espina. Since the age of 14, Ms. Jazmyn has been traveling all over the world competing in some of the most prestigious karate competitions to date. She is also a very active competitor on a circuit called The North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA). She is also an International competitor  that has traveled overseas for the USA martial arts team that competed in Austria, where she won a second gold medal. Ms. Jazmyn is alos a proud member of Team Velocity which is a professional karate team that competes around the world against some of the best in the world. I currently teach at one of the most well-respected martial arts schools in Orlando, Florida. The martial arts has taken me where not many kids my age have had the opportunity to visit. The martial arts has been more than just a hobby, it has continually helped me grow into a stronger person mentally, physically and emotionally in becoming the person I am today and will be tomorrow. She not only loves to compete and travel, but she also enjoys teaching martial arts to kids of all ages. Overall, she is still very young and  her journey is just beginning. She is determined to be one of the greatest, and will not stop until she has completed her dreams!